Sony 300mm F2.8G

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Optical configuration
13 elements in 12 groups, drop-in filter included in element count.
Angle of view
8° 10' full frame, 5° 20' APS-C.
9 blades, curved
Full frame and APS-C
Yes, full frame and APS-C.   APS-C equivalent, 450mm
Depth of field and focus scales?
Focus distance window, with DOF hash marks at F/32
Minimum focus, image plane to subject
79"  (2000mm)
Minimum focus, end of lens barrel to subject
65.6"  (1666mm)
Hard stop at infinity focus?
Length changes when focusing?


Focus ring turns in AF?
Filter size
Exclusive use 42mm drop-in.
Filter ring rotates?
Distance encoder?
Max magnification
0.18x, or 1:5.6
Min. F/stop
Sony teleconverter compatible?
Length changes when zooming?
Dimensions WxL  (my measurements)
4.8" x 9.53"   122mm x 242mm.  Widest at inner hood mounting ring.  Hood is 5.35" (136mm) wide.  Front element itself is 4.15" (106mm) wide.
Maximum  extended length (my measurements)
14.3"  (364mm) with hood attached.                                                
Weight bare (my scale)
Bare; 5lbs, 2oz (2325g), no caps or tripod collar, but includes built-in 42mm filter.  In-use, includes lens, hood, and tripod collar; 5lbs, 15oz (2690g).  Stored; (lens, filter, hood and caps) 6lbs, 3oz (2815g)  Hood is 7.0oz (198g).  Front vinyl cover is 4.3oz, (122g) and tripod collar is 6.0oz, (170g).
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