ProCam FILMCITY Shoulder Kit FC-50

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Stability and functionality in a flexible package Feature packed system at a budget price Exceeds the demands of today's shooters Easy to set up & easier to use Best Value Kit on the market Prosumer + approved

  • Shoulder Support (FC-50) with Cage
  • MB-77 Matte Box
  • Z-bracket
  • 5x 300mm Rods
  • 2x 150mm Rods
  • 4x 250mm Rods

For all those times you wished for a 'get up and go' production platform, Filmcity has the answer with our brand-new FC 50. Sophisticated in design and functionality but easy to set up and use, this shoulder support with cage and bonus matte box, truly is a value added production tool, second to none.


The shoulder support pad is made of soft hard moderate rubber and ergonomic design for comfortable use, also share some pressure for long time shoots or recording.
  • Rods are fine quality aluminium with standard spec.
  • 15mm rods
  • 60mm rails center-to-center distance
  • can be used together with follow focus, matte box, camera cage, LCD monitor etc Useful on video recording, film making, etc
  • Perfect Eye Level.

The shoulder support rig (FC-50) fulfills these needs as it is an unbeatable product with unbeatable quality and features. This BRAND NEW hand free shoulder pad is perfect for all who want to have perfect and extraordinary shots without hand shaking or vibration. It helps you to produce smooth, accurate and effortless shots.


  • Made with high impact, high strength Polyamide 66.
  • Reduce vibration & shaking while taping.
  • Center to Center spacing is 60mm.
  • Rods dia is 15mm.
  • Adjustable handles
  • Reduce vibration & shaking while taping
  • The Universal Base plate can be used to install most DV, HDV and DSLR Camcorders with 1/4" and 3/8" thread.
  • Quick Release Plate with Leveller.
  • Standard thread setting of ¼" and 3/8" for camera Mounting
  • Standard thread setting of ¼" for Tripod Mounting.


This new Filmcity Camera Cage is for DSLR cameras. It has a quick release camera mounting plate that allows you to easily & quickly attach or detach the camera from the cage. This newly designed cage is very light in weight and flexible camera cage.

  • A durable and compact alternative to a full-scale DSLR video rig.
  • Easily Portable
  • Fully Functional rig
  • Lightweight construction
  • Flexible HD-SLR camera cage
  • Allows you to mount variety of accessories like follow focus and matte box with the help of rails
  • Suits the needs of everyone from beginners to professionals.
  • Ideal for professional or amateur cameraman/ filmmaker
  • Side rails features 15mm rods on a 60mm spacing
  • Easily adjustable in height with the addition of longer rods.

This is 15mm Z-Bracket (60mm center-to-center distance) can be used as central bracket to center the camera. It can be used where using Shoulder Mount with 15mm Rails (60mm center distance) or with any other package as per the compability. It is very useful accessory for the DSLR users to bring the camera more closer to the eye. The 15mm Z-bracket is made of high impact, high strength polyamide 66.


This Matte Box could be adjusted the height (up to 45mm) according to the lens of camera on the rail rod system. Top and Side barn door are easily adjustable the angle to meet you and removable, convenient to carry.


  • Our MB-77 matte box is easily adjustable up to 45mm to match the camera lens position on the rail system.
  • Barn doors for control of extraneous light are removable for storage and transportation.
  • Top flag dimensions: Approx. 110X235mm/4.33X9.25''
  • Side flag dimensions: Approx. 138X90mm/5.51X3.54''
  • Fits Rails Center to Center Distance: 60mm/2.36''
  • Approximate weight - 255g/8.99oz.
  • Components are compatible with industry standard 15mm rods.
  • Fits Lens Sizes from 43mm to 77mm .
  • Adjustable to accommodate different lens sizes and diameters.
  • High-quality, durable Polyamide 66 construction.
  • Non reflective black color.



EXCLUSIVE of Camera and Battery

The complete steady mount cinema kit can be mounted on a tripod without disturbing any part of the rig

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