ProCam FILMCITY Shoulder Kit FC-30

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New design, new construction and a new price but the same Filmcity Quality and Value you can depend on. Stability and functionality in a flexible package Lightweight for portability but sturdy construction Best Value Kit on the market . Accepts most DV-HDV-DSLR cameras Comfort designed adjustable shoulder pad Prosumer + approved

  • Shoulder Rig
  • Follow Focus X1
  • MB-77 Matte Box
  • 3x 300mm Rods
  • 2x 150mm Rods

OUR KIT INCLUDES: DSLR Shoulder Rig, MB-77Matte box, Follow Focus X1

  • Fully Functional rig with designed in flexibility
  • Universal Base plate fits most DV, HDV and DSLR Camcorders
  • Stabilization reduces vibration and unwanted movement
  • Hand Held Cage Support
  • Custom adjustable soft shoulder pad for comfortable use
  • Stress and fatigue reduction for hours of continuous shooting
  • Easy mount capability for follow focus - matte box and more
  • Amateur - Prosumer - Professional application
  • Easy to setup easier to use
  • Portable for shooters on the move
  • Mounting rods are aluminum - precision made to
       standard specifications
  • Kit includes 3 pc 300mm Female threaded Rods
  • 2 pc 150mm Male threaded Rods
  • Center to Center span of 60mm
  • Rod diameter of 15mm.
  • Shoulder Support constructed from industrial grade High-  impact, High-strength Polyamide 66
  • Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad of energy absorbing, pliable rubber
  • Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
  • Quick Release Plate with leveler
  • Standard camera mount thread setting of ¼" and 3/8"
  • " ¼" for Tripod Mounting

Follow Focus X1

In keeping with technological advances in image capture FILMCITY has recently introduced their new FILMCITY Follow Focus X1 kit. A quality, full featured, fast focus product, equal to the most modern DV/HDV/ & DSLR camera lenses available today. With more and more DSLR's used to record video, a proper follow focus system is a must. Operators using our FILMCITY X1 sing its praises and have discovered the true value of this all-inclusive kit.

  • Gear driven design for slip-free, accurate movement.
  • Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter.
  • Adjustable locking system.
  • Mounts on 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center).
  • Magnetic position indicator.
  • Allows extreme focus lenses to be geared.
  • Follow focus industry standard 0.8 module
  • Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive (Interchangeable gear drives (currently shipping 0.8/2.51mm pitch)
  • Gear ring with Unique locking method to prevent loose rack, works on any prime or zoom lens

  • All aluminum construction except knobs and marking disk.
  • Magnetic marking disk
  • Gear Arm adjustable distance - 55 mm
  • Gear Diameter - 40mm
  • Follow Focus Construction - Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Fit Rail Distance - 60 mm
  • Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm
  • Nylon and ABS Gears
  • Dial Index Adjustment - 360 degrees
  • Dial Outside Diameter - 90mm (of white outer wheel)
  • Gear Weight - 30 grams Follow Focus Weight - 600 grams approx



  • Our MB-77 matte box is easily adjustable up to 45mm to match the camera lens position on the rail system.
  • Barn doors for control of extraneous light are removable for storage and transportation.
  • Top flag dimensions: Approx. 110X235mm/4.33X9.25''
  • Side flag dimensions: Approx. 138X90mm/5.51X3.54''
  • Fits Rails Center to Center Distance: 60mm/2.36''
  • Approximate weight - 255g/8.99oz.
  • Components are compatible with industry standard 15mm rods.
  • Fits Lens Sizes from 43mm to 77mm .
  • Adjustable to accommodate different lens sizes and diameters.
  • High-quality, durable Polyamide 66 construction.
  • Non reflective black color.



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