ProCam CAMTREE HUNT FS-700 Basic Shoulder Kit

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Designed specifically for the Sony FS700 Camera. Durable, elegant and sophisticated design. Best-designed, compact Rig available in the market today. All new design - All new performance. Provides the best adaptability and comfort use.

This unique rig design is totally new and designed specifically for the FS-700 Camera. It’s extremely light so as not to add any weight to an already somewhat heavy camera in handheld configuration. The rods can be used to mount a follow focus or other accessories.


This top handle kit for the FS700 gives you a great top handle and many mounting options. The accessory plate mounts to the two 1/4-" holes on the top of the camera body plus the 1/4" on the giving you solid mounting and all of the mounting points you will likely ever need.


  • CH-1 Shoulder rig
  • FS-700 Top plate with handle
  • FS-700 Base plate


The new Sony FS-700 baseplate is available now. Developed specifically for the FS-700, this baseplate can be configured in a number of ways to achieve perfect balance for handheld use or on a tripod.

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