Nissin Di600

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Profesionalni blic vrhunskog kvaliteta!

  • Types of Camera: Nikon and Canon Digital SLR Cameras
  • Guide Number:  GN44 ISO100 (M) at 105mm.
  • Focal Length coverage:  24-105mm (16mm with Wide angle diffusor panel)
  • Power Source: 4 AA alkaline, AA Ni-MH or lithium batteries
  • Battery Life: 200-1500 flashes according to the mode
  • Energy Saving : Switch to stand- by mode takes place after 2 minutes and the  power automatically  switches off after 60 minutes from power on or from the  last use of  the flash unit
  • Recycle Time: 5 seconds (With fresh Alkaline batteries)
  • Flash Exposure: E-TTL 11/E-TTL (For Canon), i-TTL (Nikon)
  • Flash Power Lock: FE lock with (FEL) or (*) button on EOS camera (Canon), FV lock with (AE-L) button on the camera (Nikon)
  • AF Assist Light:  0.7 – 6M / 2.3 -20 feet (approx)

Colour Temperature: 5600K

  • Flash Duration: 1/800th (Full power) 1/800th sec – 1/20,000th sec (controlled flash)
  • Wireless Remote:  SD: Slave Digital / SF: Slave Film (Slave function with 6 power level)
  • Wireless TTL Slave: for Canon / Nikon – wireless remote Chanel 1 Group A.
  • External Service Ports:  Standard and 3.5mm synch terminal
  • Accessories Included:  Flash Stand (With screw)
  • Dimensions: 130 (H) x 77(W) x 103(D)mm
  • Weight: 315g (Without batteries)
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